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Link Integration

Now you are ready to retrieve the Survey Wall link and put it to use.

Generate the survey wall link in app settings and copy this as you will need it in the next step. Docusaurus

Append Unique User Id

When presenting this Survey Wall link to your users, you will need to append a unique user id to the link for each user. Add &app_uid={your_unique_id} to the end of the Url from the previous step.

The link is now ready to send a user to either directly or through a button click within your user interface. Example:

Provide Custom Tracking Data

If you would like to provide custom data into the link and receive that via Server callbacks, you can add &session_uid={your_custom_data} to the end of the survey wall link and this value will be returned via SessionId on the Server callback. This value accepts only alphanumeric characters + underscore and dash. We recommend using a url safe base64 encoding approach when passing in custom data.

Setting Up a Test User

We highly recommend adding a test user via the Test Users tab, which will enable Test Surveys for that user and ensure surveys are available during testing. This is the best way to test the inBrain flow. The value you provide for the test user is what you should use for app_uid when testing.


Before Going Live

Make sure to click Go Live in the publisher dashboard before presenting the Survey Wall Link to your users.