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Termination status codes

Status code indicating the termination reason is provided on the client failure redirect link. Full list of possible termination status codes are given in the table below.

1Entry link is missing hash signature
2Invalid entry link signature
3Entry link is missing user id
4Invalid user id
5Invalid survey id
6Survey closed
7Survey already attempted by user
8User and survey geo mismatch
9User banned
10User reached survey attempts limit
11User reached survey completions limit
12IP from unsupported geo
13Common client survey termination (qualification failure, user opt out, timeout, etc)
14Client survey termination due to quality reasons
15Client survey termination due to survey quota being full
16Client survey termination caused by unexpected error
17Internal system failure
18Test survey termination (available for test users only)
19Disqualification due to pre-screener question answer (no matching replacement survey found)