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Frequently Asked Questions

Dyanamic Currency Sales

What do we need to get started?

Before getting started with the inBrain API integration, you will need an account level API Key. Contact your inBrain account rep for this API Key. NOTE: This Key is not available in the Publisher Dashboard.

My API Key don't seem to work.

It's not uncommon to get API credentials mixed up or copied incorrectly, double check those and contact us if your having an issue. It's important to note that the API Keys found in the Publisher Dashboard are NOT for this Panelist API. Instead, you will need to contact your inBrain account rep for an account level API Key.

Dynamic Currency Sales vs Integration Currency Sales

You might be wondering what the difference is between a Dynamic Currency Sale (via Panelist API) and a typical integration wide Currency Sale that can be configured in the Publisher Dashboard. Similarities and differences are outlined below:

Integration Currency Sale:

  • Configured via the Publisher Dashboard
  • Allows you to schedule a Currency Sale in the future for all panelists on a specific integration
  • Typical use case is a weekly bonus day such as 2x rewards on Tuesday's

Dynamic Currency Sales:

  • Configured via Panelist API
  • Allows creating or updating a Currency Sale specific to a single panelist
  • Allows for use cases that are specific to individual panelist behavior and retention

Do Dynamic Currency Sales work together with Integration Currency Sales?

Yes, Dynamic Currency Sales and Integration Currency Sales can be used at the same time. However there is only one sale multiplier that will be applied to surveys returned for a panelist. The sale with the highest multiplier will take precedence over other sales. For example, if an integration wide currency sale has a multiplier of 1.1 and there is an active dynamic currency sale for a panelist with multiplier of 1.2, that particular panelist will have all rewards multiplier by 1.2 whereas other panelists of the same integration will be affected by the integration sale and the 1.1 multiplier.

Is there a way to create multiple dynamic currency sales for the same panelist?

Yes! A dynamic currency sale is defined by the externalId field, so as long as you use different external identifiers, you can manage multiple sales for the same panelist at the same time. However as with integration currency sales, there can be only one 'active' sale at a time, and it will be selected based on the highest multiplier across all enabled sales.

Is there a way to schedule a dynamic currency sale in the future?

Yes! You can send startOn and endOn parameters when creating or updating a dynamic currency sale to specify the period of time when the sale should be active.

How can I use the lockedUntil with Dynamic Currency Sales?

The lockedUntil property allows the locking of a panelist specific currency sale. For example, if you wanted to create a bonus sale for new panelist where they earn 2x in the first 24hrs, BUT you do not want to allow this bonus sale to be created again within the next 30 days, then you can create a dynamic currency sale for the panelist and set the lockedUntil to startOn + 30 days. The sale will be created based on startOn and endOn, and will become locked for 30 days, so recreating it or changing dates won't be possible for the next 30 days.

Is there a way to get the active currency sale for a panelist?

Yes, you can use a Fetch active currency sale request to get any currency sale that's considered active for a panelist.