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Supported Languages

We are currently live in the following country and language combinations:

en-usEnglish - United States
es-usSpanish - United States
en-gbEnglish - United Kingdom
en-caEnglish - Canada
en-auEnglish - Australia
en-inEnglish - India
fr-frFrench - France
fr-caFrench - Canada
es-usSpanish - United States
es-mxSpanish - Mexico
es-esSpanish - Spain
de-deGerman - Germany
pt-brPortuguese - Brazil
pt-ptPortuguese - Portugal
nl-nlDutch - Netherlands
it-itItalian - Italy
sv-seSwedish - Sweden
no-noNorwegian - Norway
en-nzEnglish - New Zealand
da-dkDanish - Denmark
tr-trTurkish - Turkey
en-trEnglish - Turkey
en-ieEnglish - Ireland

List of supported languages is subject of change and could be extended with new languages. All partners will be properly notified each time the list is updated.